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martedì 10 agosto 2010

San Lorenzo, "the night of the falling stars"

The Night of San Lorenzo is celebrated on the 10th of August and initiates the festivities of Ferragosto. There are various traditions tied to this event but the most prevalent is that for every falling star a wish will be granted. The phenomenon occurs as the earth passes through, on its yearly orbit around the sun, the detritus fields left by the passing of the Perseids comets. While activity begins in late July this year the heaviest showers will be from the 9th to the 14th of August with an average of 5 falling stars per hour. Our cultures finds interesting ways to pass on the things we have learned over the years. They become part of our common knowledge, things we know, without actually knowing why. This is one of those traditions.There is the Festa of San Lorenzo (10 August) where is traditional event with music, programma and free distribution of lasagna and watermelon in the square, with abundant opportunities for tasting homemade food and wine. There will be plenty of watermelon on hand to quench the summertime thirst, and local artisans will display and sell their handicrafts. Also plenty of other local produce and wares, exhibitions and presentations. You'll see there the San Lorenzo Church which is second most important church in Florence and it was rebuilt by Brunelleschi, as the first church since Roman times to be constructed in the classical style.
The "Medici Chapels" are usually free during this day, so that you can get in for 0 Euro.That is not bad, it's a really very felt celebration.
Hotel Mario's is the area of San Lorenzo, so that you can enjoy the night, walking back "home" at the Hotel, in via Faenza 89. It's always a pleasure show to the foreigns the fantastic opportunities that Florence gives.
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