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The fantastic rout discovering the Ghirlandaio family

Buy a Ghirlandaio card for 5 euros if you’re going to follow this path. The Ghirlandaio event includes a free Sunday bus tour from Florence, which seems to be the best way to follow this itinerary, but if you want to to it yourself, all addresses are worked into the map below. The bus leaves at 9:30 am from Piazza Adua in Florence and will take you to Castello dell’Acciaiolo, Badia a Settimo, Museo di Arte Sacra di San Martino a Gangalandi (Lastra a Signa) and Museo di Arte Sacra di San Donnino (Campi Bisenzio). Return around 6pm to Florence. Reservation required with Sigma (055 2340742); they suggest you pack a lunch.
In Florence, you can continue exploring Ghirlandaio’s works on your own in the following locations:
  • Frescoes in the Sala dei Gigli of the Palazzo Vecchio (free entry with the Card above)
  • Palazzo Medici-Riccardi (reduced entry with the Card above)
  • The Sassetti Chapel, Church of Santa Trinita
  • The Tornabuoni Chapel, Church of Santa Maria Novella
  • Adoration of the Magi at the Museo degli Innocenti.

A clan of artists, a family factory which dominated the scene for a century the Florentine Renaissance, and formed dozens of artists, one stands out: Michelangelo Buonarroti, who's shop Domenico Ghirlandaio took his first steps. In this melting pot of talented and highly productive professionals is dedicated to the exhibition that was opened last November , "Ghirlandaio. A family of painters of the Renaissance in Florence, Scandicci, a path between museums, churches, palaces, villas in places where they lived and worked Ghirlandaio mark masterpieces.

From Scandicci, the home, the family moved to Florence in the first half of the fifteenth century and the then capital of the world of art workshop established himself in the next half century. The path then starts from its Scandicci. Curated by art historian Anna Bernacchioni, the exhibition at Castello dell’Acciaiolo presents a famous painting by Domenico (Saints Peter and Stephen James), the beautiful Madonna di Ridolfo (Fuligno the Last Supper) and other 14 works lent by museums.
From here there are two different routes Ghirlandaio. That includes the Florence frescoes in the Sala dei Gigli in the Palazzo Vecchio, the Cappella Sassetti and Tornabuoni Chapel (respectively in the Trinity Church and Santa Maria Novella), the 'Adoration of the Magi at the Museo degli Innocenti. Many other works are in the Uffizi, Accademia, Galleria Palatina and coteries of All Saints and St. Mark's visits are not to be missed if not included in the program.
 Another great reason to come to Florence. An amazing city, with the best food in Italy, but above all, the most huge and impressive art of Europe. When you'll visit Florence, you can stay in an art hotel like Hotel Mario's is.
 Here the information you need:
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Enjoy the art, stay at Hotel Mario's

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