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sabato 18 settembre 2010


A special and unique photographic exhibition that will remain active for all the event duration.
Tattoo hand - Photograph © Joann FletcherThe exhibition will get you in a articulated and valued journey based on the history of tattoo linked to fascinating phenomenon of mummification, all over the world and along the whole history of mankind.
The trip, richly described by explanatory captions, proceeds in a geographical sense with a large pool of tattooed mummies images belonging to distant lands such as Peru, with Princess Shaman Lady of Cao, with Siberian mummies belonging to the Shiite people of Pazyryk, New Zealand , the Philippines and Italy.
The expo purpose is to show the how much ancient this practice is and how much important has been in humanity history
People get tattooed since immemorial time, the right time to practice can be determined according with natural cycles, the reason could have been to belong a tribe, follow a thought or a cult, for protection from the evil spirits or mark an important moment in own human evolution.

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